What age is too young for make up?

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The local middle school looks like it’s populated by college kids, was the reaction I had when I dropped off my daughter on her first day of 6th grade.  Since when did girls that young start wearing make up?  I’d like to say that I am a rather liberal person and I’m not an old fart yet, but seriously?!  Why does an 11 year old need to wear mascara and lipstick?!  At that age their skins are not fully matured and the pores should not be clogged with all that gunk.  A New York Times article  reported that 66% percent of 365 randomly picked teen girls aged 11 to 15 now apply some form of make up on a daily basis!  A study by Dr. Anderson of the Stanford school of business has shown that major cosmetic companies are now aiming at this new age group by offering new lines that are directed at them.  These new lines have more kid friendly packaging and flavor options as well as tie in advertising using teen icons to push their products.

Why it’s actually harmful for pre-teens to use make up

The skin at that age is very sensitive.  Skin in general is every growing and dying, but by covering the pores with make up, it actually causes skin to break out (a teenagers worst nightmare).  Therefore, added to a long list of do’s and don’ts to prevent break outs, it is often recommended by dermatologist that those with sensitive skin not use make up.


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